If you’re looking to make change happen inside a large organization, The Funnel Community was created especially for you. We are a global partnership of Innovation Services companies that have united for the common cause of bringing you cutting edge tools, knowledge and best practices. Everything we do is geared to help you deliver impact in your organization, whether you work in Strategy, R&D, HR, Marketing, Design, Technology, Innovation or a new venture.

Members of TheFunnel community have access to peers that are positioned in innovation-related positions in some of the most respected companies in Israel and worldwide.

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Dan Balter

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Duco

Elena Donets

Co-Founder & COO at Duco

Ahi Gvirtsman

The Funnel Chief Editor,
Chief Product Officer at Duco

Merav Lapidus

Social Media Manager at Duco

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Helping You Deliver Impact. Innovating inside a large organization is the toughest job there is. The sole mission of our global partners, with their research, case studies, webcasts, and live events, is to help you deliver impact in your organization.

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Innovation management in corporations is a nascent discipline that is becoming a staple of every self-respecting business school. However, what it currently lacks is standards and repeatable best practices. The Funnel community is all about the pursuit of cutting-edge best practices that actually work. Our purpose is to expose the members of our community to the latest and greatest through the power and speed of community-based peer-learning.